Album andmeldelse

  Georgia Satellites   Keep Your Hands To Yourself Railroad Steel Battleships Chains Red Light The Myth Of Love Can`t Stand The Pain Golden Ligth Over And Over Nigths Of Mystery Every Picture Tells A Story       Sydstats Rocken overvældede mig fuldstændigt   Jeg skulle holde fødselsdag, og i gave fik jeg af […]
Parallel Lines   Hanging On The Telephone One Way Or Another ¨Picture This Fade Away Or Radiate Pretty Baby I Know But I Don`t Know 11:59 Will Anything Happen Sunday Girl Heart Off Glass I`m Gonna Love You Too Just Go Away     Debbie Harry   Jeg havde et crush på Debbie Harry i […]
  If you want blood, ( you got it. )     Riff Raff Hell Ain`t a Bad Place To Be Bad Boy Boogie The Jack Problem Child Whole Lotta Rosie Rock`n Roll Damnation High Voltage Let There Be Rock Rocker   Halmstad     Hvad har Halmstad og ” If You Want Blood ( […]
Never mind the Bollocks, here`s the Sex Pistols.   Holidays In The Sun Bodies No Feelings Liar God Save The Queen Problems Seventeen Anarchy In The UK Submission Pretty In Vacant New York EMI     Da Sex Pistols ramte mig.   Da jeg som i 1977, så forsiden af min stedfars Ekstra Bladet, blev […]